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What Should I Wear To Class?

Ballet - Girls/Women: A leotard of any color, ballet tights of any color (dancers younger than 11 may have bare legs) A ballet skirt is optional. Pink ballet shoes. Except in Adult Ballet, which has no dress code, no t-shirts, shorts or other non-dance items may be worn. 

Ballet - Boys/Men- Close fitting T-shirt, men's tights. Shorts are permissible. Black ballet shoes are recommended.

Jazz and Tap - Girls/Women: A leotard of any color may be worn with leggings or workout shorts. No hoodies, or denim of

any kind. Black tap shoes or jazz shoes.

For All classes hair must be out of the dancer's face and off their neck. Ponytails, french braids and buns are ideal. 

What Should I Wear To Class?: FAQ
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